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John Dollard and his work

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  1. Introduction
  2. John Dollard?A Biography
  3. Dollard's Work
  4. Theory in Practice
  5. Conclusion

Freud's introduction of psychotherapy in the early twentieth century spawned significant interest in the study of psychology and the practice of counseling. Over the course of the last century, notable progress has been made toward understanding the human psyche, the process of human development, and the complexity of the human mind. The insight that has been gained though both theory and practice has enabled modern counselors and psychologists to improve outcomes for clients and further advance understanding of human growth and development. With the realization that theory has played such a notable role in the development of psychology and counseling, there is a clear impetus to examine the theories and theorists that have had an impact on the development of these professions. To this end, this investigation considers a broad overview of John Dollard.

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[...] For instance, Dollard argued that clients were more likely to respond to a therapist that was thorough and ?takes his time.? In addition, Dollard supported the use of free association as a means to both support the client and create an atmosphere in which the individual's overall needs could be met. Finally, Ewen notes that Dollard believed that the past history of the patient needed to be explored so that the current issues impacting the client's development could be better understood. [...]

[...] Despite this however, Dollard did make some interesting observations about the dynamic interplay between society and culture and their impact on black men living in the South. Specifically, Wilson notes that for black males living in the South, the very nature of their role as providers and breadwinners was challenged. ?Black men had no access to white women and only limited access to black women, and with the latter the man could offer neither food nor shelter nor protection?the essential requirements of the male social role? (p. [...]

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