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Key problems for psychology as a field of knowledge

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  1. Introduction.
    1. Focus of the essay.
    2. Those who believe in both the easy and hard problems of consciousness.
    3. Psychoanalysis and Jungian psychology.
  2. No interesting fact about the mind,conceptually distinct from the functional facts.
    1. The type-A Materialist.
    2. Explaining objective mental human phenomena.
    3. The analogy with gravity.
    4. The problem: More than one way of explaining so-called universal human responses.
  3. Science vs psychology.
    1. Criticism by the famous philosopher Karl Popper.
    2. The Freudian analysts.
    3. hypothetical event: Freudian terms and Adlerian terms.
  4. Conclusion.
  5. Bibliography.

This essay will discuss the problems that constantly face psychology as a field of knowledge. Some fields of knowledge, notably the natural sciences such as physics, biology and chemistry are comfortable with their status and the demarcation between one another. There is only one physics? there are many psychologies. Different schools of psychology and related disciplines have problems within themselves. The school of thought that the writer of this essay derives from is Jungian analytical psychology. However, I am so radically post-Jungian that many would say that I thought my way right out of it. There are serious problems needing tackling within Jungian psychology as there are within the modern philosophy of consciousness. There are serious problems within the philosophy of consciousness between concerning the Easy Problem of Consciousness and the Hard Problem of Consciousness. The Easy Problem focuses on the processes of mental functions.

[...] Finally, in this introduction, a reminder to keep in mind that this essay is about problems for psychology to establish itself as a science which is to do with problems within schools of psychology and between them. A key problem is the inability for psychology to distinguish itself effectively from social theories. In this paper we will mainly (albeit not entirely) look into the problems for psychology from within a Jungian context. PART 1 David Chalmers says that type-A materialist expresses his or her position by claiming that consciousness may exist, but only if the term "consciousness" is defined as something like "reportability", or some other functional capacity. [...]

[...] In psychology then, for the modern westerner living in the early 21st century, the healthy thing to do is a life-long and everyday critical thinking whereby one vanquishes attachments that have impacted on ones mind. One analyzes them and says to oneself for example ?This is not to do with my individual psyche it is a western cultural attachment that I have allowed to impact on my mind.? OR only think this way and suffer because of a kind of hypnotic crowd psychology disease.? One applies the logic of Cartesian dualism to oneself [...]

[...] Nevertheless, I do hope for a science of psychology and hence I am open to changing my mind. The functions are the bottom line in consciousness in the way that gravity is in physics and the way that the big bang is in the ultimate nature of reality. Explaining objective mental human phenomena that applies to human beings collectively is possible science. But looking into the subjective uniqueness of the individual strikes me as impossible to do from an objective vantage point. [...]

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