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Observation of various life stages

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  1. Developmental psychology
  2. Middle school aged children

The field of growth and progressacrossthe humanlifethat include physical, cognitive, intellectual, social, perceptual, personality and emotional growth is developmental psychology.(In Fiske.2010).This is important in order to understand how humans learn, mature and adapt. Life has various stages of development that humans go through. Research designed to help people reach their full potential are conducted. They are designed depending on the level of study under interest(In Fiske.2010). For example in colleges they focus more on teaching and research. Specialized fields like health focus assessing, evaluating and treating people with developmental challenges. There are several stages of development. Each stage has a basic value to be development and a psychological crisis. Failure to complete a stage result to difficulties in completing successive stages hence unhealthy personality and crisis in identity. (In Fiske,2010).

[...] Physical and emotional developments are evident. Boys break their voices and experience wet dreams at night. On the other hand, girls develop breasts and monthly cycles begin. Both develop pubic hairs. All these changes result to physical and emotional attraction. They feel uncomfortable until they grow into the changes. The virtue nurtured at this stage is fidelity that is the ability to be committed and accept diversity. Explorations are done and identity development based on the outcomes. Self-respect and respect to others is developed. [...]

[...] The social and intellectual growth tends to be more or less the same.In this case there was no notable abnormal behavior among the two groups. All factors seem to have conspired in favor of normal growth of this group of students. However, caution should be taken to ensure they grow to responsible adulthood and reach their full potential. References Baumeister, R. F., & Finkel, E. J. (2010). Advanced social psychology: The state of the science. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Collin, C., & DK Publishing, Inc. (2012). The psychology book. New York: DK Pub In Fiske, S. T., In Gilbert, D. [...]

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