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Psychoanalytic theory of personality

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  1. Introduction.
    1. The theory of personality development.
    2. The psychoanalytic theory of personality formed by Sigmund Freud.
  2. The issue of personality itself.
    1. The psychoanalytic approach to the human personality.
    2. The id.
    3. The superego and moral judgement.
    4. Sexuality as a major component of Freud's theory.
  3. Common fixations developed during the latency stage.
  4. Defense mechanisms.
  5. The psychoanalytic theory.
  6. Adolf Hitler - insatiable greed, ruthlessness, cruelty and contempt.
  7. Freud's discovery of the importance of the early years of a child's life in shaping the future character.
  8. Mein Kampf.
    1. Hitler's claims of a peaceful childhood.
    2. A view into what helped Adolf Hitler the man the world came to know.
    3. A pain that causes Hitler to write as if he was not that child.
    4. Hitler's 'father'.
    5. Germany taking the place of Hitler's mother.
  9. Conclusion.

The theory of personality development is incredibly complex and highly significant to the world as a whole, and thus it is incredibly important to be able to realize and recognize not only the purpose of the theory of personality, but also all of the main details in regards to the theory and all of the key and related factors. Since the study of personality theory began, there have been many different personality theories used that offer a wide variety of explanations for behavior, and for what actually constitutes the person. The psychoanalytic theory of personality formed by Sigmund Freud can be seen as one of the foremost, and surely one of the most interesting views of the personality. His view is one of great complexity and pure intrigue, as he offers a truly disparate view of the human personality. Psychoanalysis has been used to analyze the personalities of many notorious people throughout history, but none as notorious as Adolf Hitler. A personality as odd and uncommon as Adolf Hitler's must be analyzed with the most unique theory on personality, as many of Hitler's oddities cannot be explained with simple science or simple psychology.

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