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Supporting Significant Life Events

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  1. The physical, psychological and social impact of bereavement on individuals
  2. Possible group responses to bereavement
  3. The impact for others in health and social care when an individual is bereaved
  4. The effectiveness of organisational policies and procedures of supporting bereaved individuals e.g. Mrs Garry and their social networks
  5. How others in social networks may provide support to bereaved individuals
  6. The suitability of external sources of support available for bereaved individual
  7. Possible organisational responses to the need to support individuals experiencing a significant life event
  8. As a health and social care professional reflect on your own personal contributions to the support of individuals experiencing significant life events such as bereavement
  9. Make recommendations for improving the support available in a Care Home for residents and their social networks when affected by significant life events

It is very difficult to be able to understand how significant life events such as dying and bereavement impact on the lives of individuals and more so their social networks when one has never had prior experience with grief (McFarlane et. al 1994, p. 716). Life is a cycle with a lot of significant life events and this often has different impacts on the life of the people. The people who are affected most are those who are considered family or the closest in terms of relation to the victim (Chung & Kagawa-Singer 1993, p. 634).

[...] 71) Analyse possible group responses to bereavement. Due to the fragility of circumstances that surround the occurrence of life events, it is always best to find a way around the condition (Wagner et. al 2000, p. 43). Although medical input can be a part of the recovery process one of the best ways is to share in the grief with other people with similar conditions as George did in his condition. The best way to handle this condition is to go through the problem together (Solomon & Green 1992, p. [...]

[...] Physical symptoms in posttraumatic stress disorder. Journal of Psychosomatic Research 715-726. Shannon, M. P Lonigan, C. J., Finch, A. J., & Taylor, C. M. (1994). Children exposed to disaster: Epidemiology of post-traumatic symptoms and symptom profiles. Journal of the American Academy of Child Adolescent Psychiatry 80-93. Sharan, P., Chauhardy, G., Kavethekar, S. A., & Saxena, S. (1996). Preliminary report of psychiatric disorders in survivors of a severe earthquake. American Journal of Psychiatry,153(4),556-558. Simon, R. W. (1995). Gender, multiple roles, role meaning and mental health. [...]

[...] Joining of support groups also help a lot people to get through the period of grief (Jacobs & Bovasso 2000, p. 678). Often when the life events occur they leave the victims with a lot of stress and depression which allow for the psychological difficulties to set in. Support groups are important as some of the impacts the life events have on people are the problems with the social lives, health and in some cases the events may even have a psychological damage on an individual (Stroebe & Stroebe 1992, p. [...]

[...] Assessment of a new self-rating scale for post-traumatic stress disorder. Psychological Medicine 153-160. Horowitz, M. J., Wilner, N., & Alvarez, W. (1979). Impact of Event Scale: A measure of subjective stress. Psychosomatic Medicine 209-218. Hüppe, M., & Janke, W. (1994). The nuclear plant accident in Chernobyl experienced by men and women of different ages: Empirical study in the years 1986-1991. Anxiety, Stress, and Coping 339-355. Hyman, I., Vu, N., & Beiser, M. (2000). Post-migration stresses among Southeast Asian refugess youth in Canada. A research note. [...]

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