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The Psychological meaning of the UFO phenomena: Building on the work of C. G. Jung

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Part 1.
    1. Professor Robert Segal - author of Jung on Mythology.
    2. Jung's work on the psychology of UFO's.
    3. Number of sightings worldwide.
  3. Part 2.
    1. Robert Segal's argument that we have to think universally and discover patterns.
    2. The individual who is not a great painter or musician.
    3. Impact of the UFO phenomena on us.
    4. The psychology of the UFO phenomena.
  4. Conclusion.

In this essay we will build upon the foundations laid down by the famous psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung concerning the value and relevance of the UFO phenomena. In part 1 we will outline Jung's basic view. Then in part 2 we will build on the theory arguing that the psychological meaning of the UFO phenomenon is the integration and unification of the individual and collective psyche. The UFO phenomena compensates for psychic splitting and dissociation. That is consistent with Jung but we build on Jung's work by emphasizing the individual's moral responsibility (not only regarding his or her own psychic integration) but also concerning the collective. After all, the UFO phenomena is a collective reality.

[...] The individual is creative (if not a naturally talented artist) through creating meaning by use of psychological projection onto an existing meaningful collective phenomena. (e.g. traditional religion, Ufology).The result is meaningful in-ness. Failure to experience meaning is psychological disaster hence we hear of terms such as dissociation, anomie, existentialism, loss of soul or just plain meaninglessness. The fact that the individual should be fairly social in order to be healthy is at least implied above. Just like being disconnected from meaning is a dissociation so too, a split from social and cultural life is a dissociation. [...]

[...] As Jung writes can hardly suppose that anything of such worldwide incidence as the Ufo legend is purely fortuitous and of no importance whatever.?1 And it can hardly have diminished since Jung wrote those words the UFO phenomena is usually regarded as beginning in 1947 when Kenneth Arnold coined the term ?flying saucer?. Hence it has stayed strong for over sixty years.2 To some extent it therefore has the lasting power of traditional religion in that it doesn't look like it will just die a death at any given moment. [...]

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