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Consciousness in the Collective Core

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  1. Introduction
  2. The certainty of living in a world of turmoil and suffering
    1. The collective cultural logic: A rational state of mind
    2. The similarity between us and ancient civilizations' sensitivity to higher systems of understanding
  3. Accepting and securing a way of seeing things
    1. Intellectually justifying the world around us
  4. Conclusion

The enigma that is the essence of consciousness in modern society can be readily explained and analyzed by anyone with the ability to do so and does not necessitate the so-called authoritative citations that we so emphatically consider reliable sources. It doesn't really take a Ph.D. to write an insightful paper about it and the perceived implications that such topic poses on our sense of reality. We all possess a very individualized consciousness limited to our own individual perspective- a consciousness that at its very core relies not on external merit, but more so on the fundamental disposition of the person in question.

[...] Someone deeply immersed in said empirical mind culture would be unable to accept, for instance, the more experimental claims of Esotericism (Occult Science), without bringing about a dramatic set of conflicting impulses- assuming that the individual can even get beyond the initial judgment call. Such is the case with our current mind culture. We want to not only accept and secure a way of seeing things in our consciousness, but we also want the same for everyone else so that we may foment the security of its byproducts. [...]

[...] We don't see these alternative mystical processes as another step in our truly infinite learning progression; we see a total jump in the dark and a loss of vision and security. It's part of our logic and limitation to be fearful, because our self-deprecating sense of realism admits negativity into its make-up. Being negative and criticizing things to no end (judging) we believe to be a rational component of informational elaboration when in fact it's more of a dive into needless negative compartmentalization that further segment our vivid consciousness through labeling and vapid associations. [...]

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