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A critique of a paper titled ‘Service users experience of violence within a mental health system: A study using grounded theory approach’

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  1. Introduction
  2. Title
  3. Authors
  4. Abstract
  5. Research objectives
  6. Results
  7. Conclusion
  8. Bibliographical references

This assignment will look at a piece of research relevant to a recent practice placement, on an elderly functional mental health unit. It will critique the article and will use a structured framework based on Benton and Cormack (2001). Following the Framework of this model has been proven to show a detailed understanding of the critique process and further more ensures that a detailed evaluation of the entire document has taken place. The assignment will further more relate the topic to the theoretical and practical elements of the academic model studied offering an analytic approach in its findings. The article to be critiqued is called, Service users experience of violence within a mental health system: A study using grounded theory approach. By Shailesh Kumar, Hillary Guite and Graham Thornicroft.

[...] It has used critical analysis throughout Bibliographical References Burnard,P.Morrison,P.(1994) Nursing Research in action developing basic skills.(2nd ed).London. Macmillan Press. Burns,N.Grove,S(1997)The practise of Nursing Research,Conduct,Critique and Utilization.(3rded).Philadelphia.WB Saunders. Clifford,C.(1997) Nursing and Health care research.(2nd ed) London. Prentice Hall. Cormack,D.(2000) Research Process in Nursing.(4th ed)London.Blackwell Science. Cote,W Simpson,R.(2000)Covering violence, A guide to ethical reporting about victims and trauma.New York Columbia Press. Crookes,P.Davies,S (1999) Research into Practise. Edingburgh.Bailliere Tindall. Dempsey,P.Dempsey,A.(1996) Nursing Research Text and Workbook.(4thed). Boston.Little Brown Inc. Dennis,S.(1998)Formal observation in the acute in patient setting: Policy training and Practise.Mental Health Care 2(1)pp 26-28 Depoy,E. gitlin,L.(1994) Introduction to [...]

[...] An alternative title could have been study and evaluation of Violence experience from a section of Service users based within the mental health service?. An unbiased approach. Although not catchy it clearly identifies the results expected from its reading. Authors Burns and Grove (1999) state that it is fundamental that the authors who are embarking on a research project are suitably educated in the chosen subject area. Often there is collaboration between researchers with doctorate degrees who have strong backgrounds in conducting research, and others who possess great clinical experience. [...]

[...] Violence aimed towards service users from the nursing profession is un acceptable at all times and it is comforting that this article does not find this practice as common but isolated. For the profession of mental health to remain progressive the understanding and support of such articles remain a key attribute for today's Registered Mental Nurse. This account has considered the relationship between research and evidence based practice, and it will endeavor to act as a framework in exploring the application of best practice and identify patient needs. It has been proven through this account that research methods have been competently evaluated in its approach. [...]

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