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A personal experience on attention deficit disorder (ADD)

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  1. Introduction
  2. The manner of writing
  3. The common occurence
  4. The constant distractions, interruptions and noise level
  5. Virtual classrooms
  6. The most debilitating symptoms
  7. A common assumption
  8. Inattentive type of ADHD
  9. The inconsistency of doing something
  10. Symptoms of ADD and specific symptoms
  11. Leading problems all individuals with ADD
  12. Working memory
  13. Clusters
  14. Conclusion
  15. Works cited

Someone once said, ?Be careful what you wish for, for it might just come true.? I thought writing a paper from the personal perspective of an adult living with attention deficit disorder (ADD) , would be a comparatively easy task. I have written about the many unrelenting challenges I face, an infinite number of times, in my head, since being diagnosed in 2000. I believed, without any doubt, this would be a ?no-brainer.' Yet, the harder I tried, the worse it got and the worse it got, the harder I tried. Here was one situation not even in the best of circumstances, could my skills as a professional writer help bail me out. The assignment was to research and write a paper based on a health or disability issue that significantly affected my life. I plan on drawing from my personal experiences, give examples and show how the problems I face thoroughly are related to adult ADD. Admittedly, this paper expresses more personal issues than hard, cold data, yet does provide the basis for the things I do, by ADD symptomatology.

[...] School was a fiasco. Despite wanting to do good, wild horses couldn't make me understand certain subjects. Even when I knew a topic, the moment a test was in front of me, I had complete amnesia. When the teacher called on me to answer a question, my mind went blank; I became tongue-tied and once again, appeared stupid. On my first grade report card, the teacher wrote does not live up to her potential,? and this stuck with me through high school. [...]

[...] Already fully aware how general and broad a subject matter attention deficit disorder was on its own accord, I unquestionably knew it had to be narrowed down. Besides, the health or disability issue chosen specifically had to be something that significantly affected my life and obviously not every aspect of ADD was relevant; yet so many were. My next excuse was more creative. I claimed my manner of writing necessitated I find some unique angle or distinction, unlike the rest, and I could not write from an old, worn out viewpoint that was beaten to death. [...]

[...] This habit started at a job protecting myself from misinterpretation and being accused of doing or not doing something. Part of it also came from wanting to avoid confrontations at any cost. I can say what I want in writing, without interruption, in a better, more articulate way than verbally. I thought this was a good thing, since there is a record of the ?conversation,? but my family continually said I was spineless and accused me of being gutless and afraid. [...]

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