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A psychologist’s view of the glass castle

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  1. Introduction
  2. The three different parenting styles
  3. A permissive parent
  4. An authoritarian parent
  5. The Glass Castle: A case study
  6. Parenting the Wallses
  7. Kohlberg's stages of moral reasoning
  8. Conclusion
  9. References

In the book The Glass Castle, there are many subjects that can be looked at with a psychological view. The book deals with people whom the reader definitely comes to know well by reading the book and learning of all of the family's experiences good or bad; it feels like you actually get to know them personally, and because of that, the reader can better analyze them in a psychological way. One thing that was very noticeable in the book was the parenting style of the Wallses. There are three different parenting styles and there's no definite correct one because every family has different values, beliefs, and ideas. The source from where the parents can also have an effect on the parenting style used.

[...] The Glass Castle was a fun book to read. I had to remind myself that this book was based off of true events because some of the stories that Jeannette told were just so crazy to me, it sounded like somebody made it up. The best example I can remember of this was when they were in church, and the father was complaining with the priest about what he was reading and questioning the validity of the Catholic faith. I couldn't believe somebody would do something like this, but that was the kind of person Rex Walls was. [...]

[...] Their financial situation was tight so he was willing to do whatever to make his family happy, and he looked at the situation as a way of his family knowing their father was a trusting and loyal man to them. Because he demonstrated aspects of both the preconventional level and conventional level, it probably meant he was somewhere in between the two. He was probably more on the preconventional level side because towards the second half of the book it seemed he cared more about himself and his alcohol than his family. [...]

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