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A sample psychology experiment

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  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2
    1. The general experimental research
    2. The survey technique
    3. Naturalistic observation
    4. The correlative research
  3. Step 5
    1. Experiment 1
    2. Experiment 2
    3. Experiment 3
  4. Step 6
    1. Experiment
    2. Critique

In order to accurately perform a study, one can't simply rely on the standard experiment. Other types of study can be implemented to acquire more accurate results and conclusions. This paper will distinguish between these methods and contrast them with the standard experiment.
The general experimental research has six main steps. First is framing a hypothesis, predicting the relationship between two or more variables. Second is operationalizing variables, or converting abstract concepts into a form that can be tested. Third is developing a standard test procedure. The fourth step is randomly selecting participants. Fifth is applying statistical techniques to gathered data. And finally, conclusions can be drawn.

[...] Step 6 Experiment Working at a children's play area, I notice that sometimes children who are without their parents (just dropped off) are more reluctant to play than children whose parents are presents. To test whether the presence of parents has an effect on the child's social outgoingness and willingness to play, I will set up an experimental play setting that would test a number of children's reactions. The experiment would have a children put into a situation with a parent present, and then a child put into the same situation without their parent present. [...]

[...] Also, there is no randomness when choosing the participants because the experimenter is trying to look at a specific phenomenon. A case study is an even more specific in depth study. It looks at an individual or small group, usually in a laboratory setting. Just as in naturalistic observation, the procedures for testing participants are few, and the main procedures are for observation. Also, since the case study is a specific person or small group, there can be no randomization in the choosing of participants. [...]

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