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Addressing the philosophical foundations of ethical issues as they pertain to mentally disabled individuals

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  1. Introduction
  2. Two major threats
  3. Utilitarianism as a form of two intrinsic values
  4. Controversy and societal debate
  5. The rights and feelings of the unborn fetus
  6. Conclusion
  7. References

Since the beginning of technology and new advancement, doctors are now able to give expecting parents the news of the condition of their unborn child. The early stages of prenatal care and development of the unborn fetus state can now be determined with almost 95% accuracy. What hurts the expecting parents/parent is the heart-breaking news of abnormality/deformity stages of their unborn fetus. Another upsetting report that society has allowed the couples of an expecting child/twins to do is abort. Many women support and advocate groups against aborting the unborn fetus before birth are on the up-rise. Also, what is so upsetting is when the father of the unwanted child gives the mother an ultimatum to abort or he ?walks?. Only not the federal agencies for mentally disabled children but many support groups, agencies, and advocate support groups is offering support to mothers in need of help and counseling with his/her (MR) child/children.

[...] But, the voice of many laws governing the rights and issues pertaining to mentally retarded individuals has been voiced by many parent support and advocacy for mentally retarded people. There are so many issues, problems, debates, and disagreements that society has limited mentally disabled children and adults from. Now, society has put a stipulation on what they can and cannot do. One debate was over the disagreement over letting mentally retarded couples that are competent marry and have children. In the past, this was one of society's biggest issues. [...]

[...] My mind goes back to the scripture where the word of God talks about ?Weeping endured for a night? but Joy comes in the morning.? (King James Holy Bible) But, again, my mind goes back to what about the zygote of the predestined mentally disabled egg and fetus to be. The mother carrying the unborn mentally disabled child to be, at hand, she cannot or nor does she knows the faith, identity, or condition of her child. Since the development of technology and it's new advancement in ultrasound technology, the decision to abort can be made. [...]

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