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Advanced Communication Theory Midterm

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  1. Introduction
  2. Craig's first tradition
  3. The semiotic tradition
  4. Craig's focus on the phenomenological tradition of communication
  5. Craig's constitutive metamodel
  6. The conceptual thread that runs between the traditions
  7. Obstacles to examining the relationship between theory and practice
  8. Conclusion
  9. References

Communication is an omnipresent concept that traverses all aspects of an individual's life. However, when asked exactly what communication encompasses or how to define it, even communication scholars are left perplexed or overwhelmed at the varying degrees of answers that will undoubtedly be given to depict what communication actually is. Why is this? Communication appears in our world in a plethora of avenues and in countless ways due to varying degrees of association. Therefore, with innumerable ways of analyzing and discussing communication, a tangible model or theory of communication needed to be developed in order to better communicate about communication not only as a field but also a human construct. Robert T. Craig recognized the need to develop a metamodel in able to formulate more identifiable and valid communication theories within the field of communication studies. Craig posits in his article Communication Theory as a Field, "communication theory [is] a dialogical-dialectical field according to two principles: the constitutive model of communication as a metamodel and theory as a metadiscursive practice" (Craig, 1999). Craig is hypothesizing that communication theory should operate within an analytical space of logical argumentation, its dialectical nature, formulated through dialogue.

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