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Confidence is Art

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  1. Introduction
  2. Knowing self
  3. Success oriented
  4. Quality improvement
  5. Better temperament
  6. Self sabotage efforts
  7. Learning capability
  8. Self functioning
  9. Focus on the outside world
  10. Positive message

If you do not feel confident, do not let that get your spirits down for you can be confident. If you're already feeling confident, then you can become even more confident. Confidence is dynamic, it can go up or down, constantly change and evolve. What you need to do is keep it at optimal and healthy levels. If you're leading, then you definitely are setting down the norms to those following you. And in doing so, you will serve or present the various issues that are relevant.

If you're a presentation, then you can be sure is to sell something. And because you're trying to sell something, then you are definitely trying to get the audience to listen to you, so structure your presentation, in order to understand the intent and purpose, and convince the audience of that purpose. While doing the above mentioned activities, the most common media that you will use is the alias of spoken verbal communication. Estuary of all that activity, or the end result of all that activity, will be largely determined by the quality of your speech. Before you get to technical issues such as the structure of speech, intonation, style of language or even choice of words and sentences, fundamental aspects of the quality of your speech is your current level of confidence to do it.

[...] Remember this: - Beautiful moon is in your heart; - View of the sky and the ocean and the stars, there are in your eyes. The limit also, depending on the quality of your vision; - The heat of the sun and fire, is on your skin; - The stench of this world, there in your nose; - Spicy and hot chili pepper, is on your tongue; - The world and everything in it, there is within you. If you have control over temperan yourself, then you deserve the temperament to control the world and everything in it. [...]

[...] Confidence is the message. The message is very important to be communicated to people involved with you. With confident, once again you will be successful in leading and sell. MEANS CONFIDENCE GROWING OPPORTUNITIES FOR KHARISMA With confidence, you are a big chance to grow the maximum level of confidence, the charisma. With confidence, you will create a path to be the one who always heard the word and command. CONFIDENCE where it comes from? Confidence comes from the ability to communicate verbally, by talking. [...]

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