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Psychological aspects and related psychopathology to HIV infection

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  1. Introduction
  2. The psychological stress
  3. Psychopathological aspects prior to infection HIV
  4. The experience of illness
  5. Psychiatric symptoms
  6. The choice of being together
  7. Conclusions
  8. Bibliographical references

The recent introduction of therapy with protease inhibitors among persons infected with HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) has greatly improved the prognosis of the disease patterns consequent to infection. In particular, it improved the course of the disease and several other clinical aspects, but it also improved the quality of life of those sero-positive, and the psycho-pathological aspects related. Despite this, the disease is far from defeated and the discovery of being seropositive for HIV infection, still, is in itself a very stressful, emotional disaster that in the absence of an appropriate psycho-emotional support can have dramatic consequences.

The first communication to the patient of seropositivity for HIV is a very challenging event for his mental balance.

[...] These small clinical responses that lead to acceptance, and psychological support of the patient, his long ordeal, they are very important, if not essential. In Service to the Toxic dependencies of ASL FG / in recent years, we have also supported the medical infettivologico, the patient HIV-positive drug addict, while maintaining high synergies with the infectious diseases department of the local hospital. But was always maintained the option of putting the "person" in the center of each therapeutic intervention, listening and giving support to individuals suffering inserted where possible, in his social network. [...]

[...] Living this experience of human solidarity in the desert is full of wonder: "In our modern society that was something of a sense of solidarity in civil life, of brotherhood, of Christian Bibliographical references 1 MORIN SF, Charles KA, MALYON AK: The psychological impact of AIDS on gay men. Am Psychol 1288- 2nd Di Giannantonio M., C. DI GIULIO, A. Cotugno, et al.: Trasferali Dynamics and controtrasferali in HIV-related syndromes. XXXVII Congr. Nat. S.I.P. Rome, 6-11/2/1989. 3rd BOSVELL J.: Christianity, social tolerance and homosexuality. [...]

[...] Psychopathological aspects prior to infection HIV: The type and extent of psychological reactions and consequences determined by the HIV infection depends heavily on the psychological and / or pre-existing psychopathology at acute stressful. Not surprising to note the possibility of anxiety, depression, hypochondria and disorders of the relationship with reality, between healthy subjects undergoing significant psycho-social stress. Several studies have highlighted the prevalence of certain psychiatric disorders in the groups at risk. Several psychopathological disorders are demonstrated with high frequency among drug users and homosexuals, and can help determine the shape and extent of psychological reactions following the diagnosis of HIV. [...]

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