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The Beck depression inventory

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  1. General information (Introduction)
  2. Test description
  3. Technical evaluation
  4. Practical evaluation
  5. Summary evaluation and critique
  6. References

The most current version of the test is called the Beck Depression Inventory ? II (BDI-II). The original version was authored by Aaron T. Beck, Robert A. Steer, and Gregory K. Brown in 1961, and published by the Psychological Corporation. A complete kit, which includes a manual and twenty-five recording forms, is $57. There is a computer-based version and a Spanish version available. Scoring and interpretation services are available as well (Arbisi).

The BDI-I and BDI-II were designed to measure the symptoms of depression as defined in the DSM IV. This one-dimensional test was updated in 1996 in order to continue to reflect the criteria for a diagnosis of depression in the DSM IV.

[...] The manual cautions practitioners that as the test is a self- assessment, response bias is possible. Computer administration, scoring, and scoring and interpretation services are available. Technical Evaluation Two different samples were used to obtain psychometric characteristics of the BDI-II. The first was a clinical sample of 500 people in one of four different outpatient clinics on the east coast of the U.S. Of these were female, and 91% were White. The average age of this sample was The other sample consisted of 120 Canadian college students, which consisted of 56% women and was described as ?predominantly White,? with an average age of 19.58 (Farmer). [...]

[...] In another study college students completed the BDI-II and the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale. Both scales were found to adequately screen for symptoms of depressive disorders according to the DSM- IV (Shean & Baldwin, 2008). Practical Evaluation The BDI-II is written at a sixth grade reading level, allowing most adults and adolescents ease in reading and taking the test as a self-assessment. The questions' content has been updated through the BDI-IA and the BDI-II to clarify and eliminate gender bias. [...]

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