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The squabbling children

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  1. Introduction
  2. Reasons for the behavior
  3. Things to avoid
  4. The necessary attitude of the parents
  5. Conclusion
  6. References

Reasonable, brother-sister squabble, Just be reconciled, is a "busy" again. You can not avoid. But, why do they quarrel? How do I cope? "No! This is mine! "Sister cried while retake toys taken brother. But younger sister did not want to lose. He was behind the snatch toys. Be they rebut squall. That irritated older sister, younger brother finally hit, finally brother crying.

One time, the sisters make a commotion. Younger brother who is eager to play alone, suddenly disturbed. Doll sister property taken, bunch of hair removed, or simply fraudulent. The younger brother, who was upset, and anger, rants. Sister did not stop but continue to "seduce" the brother, the more fun. He stopped after a new brother or mother crying "hands down".

[...] He will feel, what I always expected that while the younger brother does not? If it continues to be, the sister later developed into a child who is always self-blame and less confident. Meanwhile, the younger brother, will be the child who is always dependent and less responsible. He will be easy to remove the responsibility to others. He also became less confident in the sense that if he took the decision he will wait for Mother and sister. But the actual, every child should have the capacity to decide the issue itself 4. [...]

[...] If one of them can learn to apologize first, either the sister or his brother, then we must give them the award. Give him a compliment. Play the same Another thing that parents can do is to prevent the occurrence of squabbling, the source if it is known that the same hold. For example, always fight the goods or toys. Perhaps parents can buy their goods or a toy of the same. But in this case, parents must be flexible. [...]

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