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Values in social psychology

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  1. Definition
  2. Characteristic values
    1. The four central features
  3. The focal objects
    1. The ego
    2. Individuals and groups
    3. Values
  4. The types of values

Every culture is organized around values, that is to say, it is governed by organizing principles of behavior and perceptions. They are defined in the form of ideals, shared by the members of a community and determine a way of lifestyle. Different people may move to different focal objects of their interest. (e.g. the mother for the child, the religion for the priest, the money for the miser.

[...] One of the most basic needs that will be sustainable for the individual in the long run is having a mainly positive self-image. Other individuals and groups: We are dependent on many people and many groups, but the ones that are psychologically central are relatively small: our own family, a group of close friends, or our ethnic group or religious. Among these social objects that are very close, we perceive a number that is probably even more limited which has a close relationship with our personal goals. [...]

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