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Youth discomfort, existential and discomfort of civilization

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  1. General
  2. Socio-analytic
  3. Educational aspects
  4. Socio-health and violence among young people
  5. The youth as existential
  6. Needs, drives and individuality
  7. The eternal dilemma
  8. Values, ideals and limits of self
  9. Critical approach
  10. In search of authentic human values
  11. Possible conclusions
  12. Bibliographical references

In search of authentic human values in the perspective of transpersonal psychology. The Italian news in recent months has brought some disturbing news about the world of childhood and adolescence. Was the focus of the media, the young killers of their parents, for reasons of inheritance, "baby killers" and rapist of teenage girls? On emotion evoked by these events, numerous and disparate efforts have been made by several parties, to interpret the phenomenon from a sociological, psychological and psychiatric. Such behavior should be regarded as highly unusual and deviant, or represent only the extreme expression of a "continuum" that leads to them? Phenomena of youth most widespread and frequent, as behaviors, the addiction, violence, individual or group, as affecting in modern industrial society? Especially in youth, as frequently investigated and discussed, as is the related physiological adolescent identity crisis and what can be correctly attributed to our cultural models of development and integration with society? There is a crisis of epochal model of family? What role it could play in these phenomena of youth deviance? Probably can never fully describe and analyze phenomena so uneven and changing so quickly, such as customs and styles of social behavior by adolescent's, in modern industrial societies. Some sociological data may, however, be useful tools for reflection, for those who as parents or for carrying on professional activities, such as teachers, psychologists, doctors, come into daily contact with this population.

[...] Causes discomfort to a subsequent age youth, are also the unintended pregnancy, maternal or calculated for ulterior motives, the hidden or blatant illegality and the social incompatibility between spouses or interruption of the career of their parents, and too early age of parents and family disintegration, with or without recovery of a family, often a source of further emotional distress. For a misunderstood sense of humanitarianism, also, increasingly, mentally ill or with serious physical illnesses are encouraged or assisted procreation, with sometimes disastrous consequences. [...]

[...] Indeed, in this perspective, the origin of suffering is existential in the escape from reality, in the rejection of the truth in attacking the individual self and a MIO, often oppressive and excessive. The origin is probably existential distress in the inordinate desire to become selfish and ownership of material goods and identification with them, and violent rejection of sharing and participation, as a result of a deep illusion, that of an individual if a stand separate from the others and the world in which we live. [...]

[...] The youth as existential: In modern industrial society, the youth finds psychotropic substances and drugs, one of its most popular events unsuitable and frequent. In search of factors predisposing or causative phenomenon of drug addiction can often be recognized particular psychodynamic mechanisms. The use of drugs, from a psychodynamic interpretation, may, thus, the need to compensate for neurotic disorders, traumatic or current, but also to correct psychopathological disorders "borderline" or character disorder. Not always, though, you can highlight a clear behavior, while more and more frequently expressed by young people is a vague but existential. [...]

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