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Margins versus centres in modern states

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  1. Margins are a necessary element of every State
  2. A definition of margins by Veena Das and Deborah Poole
  3. How the margins gives us a good understanding of the State

This essay is based on an article by Veena Das and Deborah Poole (2004): Anthropology in the Margins of the State. This article gives us a good way to focus on the State. It helps us to think of the State differently: as an object of ethnographic inquiry. The main point is the asertion that another perspective is to be used when it comes to the study of the State. States are not simply rational organizations and bureaucratic entities. This is why, the study from the margins of the State is necessary. It is a difficult statement because the state is not a classical object of anthropological studies (except the great works of Pierre Clastres) and it one must forget the theoretical debates in order to focus on the results of practical ethnographical investigations.

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