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An examination of the movement's "structure-organization-leadership" nexus.

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  1. Contextual considerations and explanations - 2006 The French movement against the First Job Contract
    1. A French insight into the movement
    2. The law concerning equal opportunities
    3. The target of the protest
  2. Descriptive considerations: the movement's type and structure
    1. Type of movement
    2. The movement's structure
  3. Focus on the leadership. What it should have been, what it really was
    1. Leadership in networked movements
    2. When leadership interacts with the environment
    3. Enlightening elements from theoretical studies

However it is a mental picture, Martin Luther King representing the black movement or Gandhi as the figurhead of the Indian non-violent independence movement, the 'leadership phenomenon' can not be reduced to a simple interaction between a leader and a social movement. Theoretically speaking, the structure of a movement holds with it, the kind of leadership it requires. Along with an analysis of the French anti-CPE movement, we will try and answer all the above questions, whereas the overall research question may be formulated as follows: did the leaders of the French anti-CPE movement interact with (its) their own structure and the environment to create the observed outcomes? The anti-CPE social movement started among students and reached little by little all the classes of the French population. As it started more as a 'feeling' of social injustice, it did not really include any leader at the very beginning.

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