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Border control solutions

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  1. Introduction
  2. Two borders: Northern Border and Southern Border
  3. Controls and solution
  4. Secure Border Initiative
  5. Conclusion

The United States is at risk. We face several issues that put our citizens in immediate danger. Many of these issues can be found by reviewing the topic of border control. Border control is a threat to the security of our nation. It allows illegal immigration to occur, drug smuggling and several other illegal actions. The issues regarding border control may be solved by a sufficient combination of various technology, manpower, legislation, alliance with the countries that the issues arising from, and fencing.

There are two borders that must be protected in this country. They include the Northern Border and Southern Border. These borders are separated into 20 sectors. (Hall) There is a Sector Chief Patrol Agent that leads the security of each sector. (Hall) Along the Northern Border are the sectors of Blaine (Alaska, Oregon, and West Washington), Spokane (Idaho, East Washington State, and Western Montana), Harve (Montana), Detroit (Michigan), Grand Forks (North Dakota), Buffalo (New York), Swanton (Vermont), and Houlton (Maine). Each of these sectors have various stations. Along the Southern Border are the sectors of Del Rio (Texas), El Centro (California), El Paso (Texas and New Mexico), San Diego (California), Yuma (West Arizona), Tuscon (East Arizona), Marfa (West Texas), Rio Grande Valley (South Texas), Laredo (South Texas), New Orleans (Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida), and Miami (Florida). (Hall)

[...] These may be accompanied by motion detectors. Cameras have also been suggested to aid in the protection of the borders. Many people believe that a combination of these elements of technology will help stop the issue of border control. (Montgomery) This solution may be the most costly to implement. This may be identified by the previous efforts. There have been previous attempts at creating a technology fence. However they were paused in March of 2010. (United States Government Accountability Office General Government Division ) The reason for this pause was because of the lack of management. [...]

[...] (Montgomery) The Border Patrol does attempt this currently. However, they should do so in cooperation with the programs that currently attempt to solve the issues of border control. (Montgomery) The law enforcement of these communities could serve as back up for border patrol agents. Once the issue of border patrol is brought to their attention they can work in tandem to prevent certain issues. The last element that may assist in reducing the issues of border control is working in cooperation with Mexico. [...]

[...] During this time around 3.7 billion dollars went toward the border control efforts of the Secure Border Initiative. (Ankarlo) Under the management of the DHS more agents were hired to the United States Customs department. (Ankarlo) Border patrol also hired new agents. The Custom Enforcement Agency received more agents as well. The Secure Border Initiative also allowed more immigrants that were undocumented to be removed. (Ankarlo) Fugitive operations were increased. Contracts held with local and state law enforcement agencies were updated. Steel fences were built to enforce sections of entry. [...]

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