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Civil society

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  1. Introduction
  2. History of the concept
    1. Antiquity
    2. Middle Ages
    3. Contemporary period
  3. Civil society in a state
    1. Place of civil society
    2. Function of civil society
  4. Civil society and globalization
    1. Global civil society
    2. Challenges for civil societies
  5. Conclusion

The topic of civil society is one of the main topics as far as policy and politics are concerned. It refers to people, taken as population in a country or organized associations in the State, but different from governors. t would be interesting to study the history of the concept first, then civil society in the State and at last civil society and globalization. Civil society appeared first different from natural state as understood by ancient philosophers. It means the general society of humans or the people in a State in opposition to unorganized state of nature as called by them. he concept of civil society is not new, although it is more used now. From Antiquity to Contemporary Period and passing by Middle Ages, civil society as concept referring to a reality of human societies has known a long history, which should be studied through the pre-quoted three times.

[...] In Côte d'Ivoire, there were in organizations and associations and in gathered in the Convention de la Société Civile Ivoirienne (Ivorian Civil Society Council), directed by Doctor Patrick N'Gouan2. III/ CIVIL SOCIETY AND GLOBALIZATION The social fact of globalization has developed and sharpened characteristics of civil societies, so that we can speak of a global civil society and globalization referred to it. Global Civil Society The phenomenon of melting political culture with promoting of democracy has fashioned a certain common world of values and created common interests and ways of defending them. [...]

[...] As Thomas Hobbes said, civil society is all the people under the power of the sovereign. John Locke insisted on the voluntary link between men and women of a nation. With the evolution of political systems, passing from kingdoms constituted by conquests to modern states constituted by will agreement and established on Constitution, the concept of civil society is going to take a 2 more strong aspect, based on guarantee of rights and social covenant, as defined by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. [...]

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