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  1. Honey properties
    1. Antibacterial properties
    2. Skin properties
    3. Inherent antioxidant properties
  2. How to get over your weight problems
    1. Emotional eating
    2. A new lifestyle

While standing before the mirror, you may have probably noticed appalling signs of skin degeneration, pigmentation or lifelessness. This is a confluence of inimical conditions that crop up silently day after day. Dark circles, dryness, dead or sagging skin, wrinkles and sun damages, among other harbingers, may be symptomatic of some sort of failure of the body to cope with stress, fatigue, anxiety or other external factors to which we are all inescapably exposed to at one time or another. Yet, most importantly, those indicators should be construed as the body's peculiar and unique way of pointing that immediate intervention is required to address those unsolved complications. Come what may, however, nature will always detain in its uterus the clues of our everlasting resplendence and health.

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