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Abortion in the United States

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  1. How abortion came to be legalized
    1. Common myths about the history of abortion in the United States
    2. The prohibition of abortion
    3. A turning point in the issue of abortion: Roe vs Wade, 1973
  2. A turning point in the issue of abortion: Roe vs Wade, 1973
    1. The worrying problem of the access to abortion
    2. An issue that crystallizes violence

In the modern world, one can observe the growing success of anti-abortion actions in the United States whereas the law is supposed to ensure safe and medical abortion.
Besides, abortion has become a part of everyday politics (like the death penalty). For instance, in the presidential campaign candidates were forced to express themselves on this issue. For example, the National Republican Committee denies any participation to a candidate who would declare he supports abortion. First, we will discuss how abortion was legalized and then analyze the growing contestation of abortion.

[...] Since the United States is a free country, it is right for any of the two sides to express themselves on this important issue. But the problem is that it merely doesn't stay a fight of words. As you can observe on the chart I gave you, there has been increasing acts of violence towards physicians and clinics, including murders and bombing. In the video I saw, there was an abortion physician, Dr Lee Carhart, who testified: his house has been destroyed by a bombing and so, he now lives with his wife in the clinic. [...]

[...] During the second third of pregnancy, state laws may regulate abortion procedures in order to protect the woman's health. This means that women can be assured that clinics which offer abortion services are regulated to ensure that safe medical procedures are followed. During the last part of pregnancy, and after the fetus is viable (developed enough to survive outside the mother's womb), state laws may prohibit abortion except when it is necessary to preserve the life or health of the woman. [...]

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