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American gangs

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  1. Characteristics
    1. Gang Structure
    2. Identifying Gang Members
    3. Initiation
    4. Gang Leadership
  2. Where is
    1. Violence at school
    2. Violent and racist gangs thrive in US Prisons
  3. Causes: Why do people join gangs ?
    1. Increase of violence in children as a result of media, TV and Computer games
    2. Instability and identity confusion as a result of family problems
    3. Other factors
  4. Solutions
    1. Working with families
    2. Working within schools
    3. Working with the communities

. Street gangs, today, are forming at an alarming rate. They are increasingly seen throughout the US, in cities and communities, large and small, urban and rural. Today, street gangs seem to comprise from all races and from most socio-economic levels, and is not limited only to the larger cities.

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