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Anti-abortion violence

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  1. Anti-abortion violence, a form of terrorism?
  2. Late term abortions

Whether or not anti-abortion extremism is a form of terrorism depends, at least in part, on our definition of terrorism. The purpose of terrorism is not only to kill innocent people, but also to frighten other people into doing or not doing something. If a terrorist blows up a federal building and kill hundreds of innocent people, this might make people lose faith in their government, and it may discourage them from going into government service.

[...] This is just one of many instances in which a woman should have the option of choosing whether or not she wants to have a child very late in the pregnancy process, and it is certainly much easier, both medically and psychologically, for a pregnant woman to get an abortion much earlier than the third trimester. Works Cited Allen, Samantha. ?Anti-Abortion Violence at All-Time High.? The Daily Beast. Accessed April 2016. [...]

[...] In most states, abortion in the third trimester is illegal, so it would be a much better idea for women to get the early on. In some cases, however, late term abortions may be very important, considering that situations for women can often change. If a husband leaves his wife during the end of her pregnancy and the wife does not want to raise a child on her own, it may be a much better idea for her to have an abortion, even if it is in the third trimester. [...]

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