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Are Celebrities the heroes of today? A contemplative approach from Modernism to Postmodern times

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  1. The modern point of view of celebrity
    1. Introduction to Postmodernism
    2. Adorno and Horkheimer
    3. Other hypothesises of Stardom from the Frankfurt school
    4. Lowenthal: Celebrity, the heroes of today
  2. Celebrities from a postmodern point of view: from Baudrillard to Rojek
    1. Introduction to postmodernism
    2. Baudrillard and the simulacra
    3. Michel Foucault
    4. Rojek, A contemporary approach to celebrity

"President John F. Kennedy had a significant impact on my life. I practically worshiped him. His charm, grace, and simplicity made me aware of the essential qualities of a person. I cherished his words and wisdom and complete absence of flaws. I have hoped in my own mind that the man I end up with will resemble the image I hold of Kennedy." During the modern and postmodern times, a few theories have been developed on celebrity and stardom. As time passes it seems that some theorists believe that the celebrities of today are viewed as heroes and the cult of personality seems far from being forgotten. In his research on identity, Klapp was concerned with the impact of celebrities on our modern society. He believed that this new kind of hero, were not exceptional, but they had the ability to fulfill the dreams that one had for himself but could not realize. On Hero worship, he says that it's a "get away from himself by wishing or imagining himself to be like someone else whom he admires". According to the dictionary, a celebrity is defined as a "famous person" but the definition of Daniel Boorstin seems to be more accurate in the context, one is trying to explain.

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