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Broadcasting Board of Governors in 2008

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The BBG and a new ideology of American interventionism.
  3. Criticism of BBG holdings.
  4. Fourth chairman of the board of the BBG James K. Glassman.
  5. Miami resident Joaquin F. Blaya.
  6. Talk-radio broadcaster Blanquita Walsh Cullum.
  7. Democratic appointee, attorney D. Jeffrey Hirschberg.
  8. The final Democrat on the board, Edward E Kaufman.
  9. Cable mogul Steven J. Simmons.
  10. The BBG and Congress.
  11. Conclusions.

The Broadcasting Board of Governors has been in operation for just under a decade. Formerly a Cold War-era media arm of the US government tasked with spreading American media, news, and propaganda messages behind the Iron Curtain, the BBG was repurposed to deal with the new international landscape. The BBG operates Voice of America (VOA), Alhurra, Radio Sawa, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), Radio Free Asia (RFA), and Radio and TV Martí ? from this list it is easy to see that there is a special emphasis on both the Arab/Muslim world and on Communist holdout Cuba

[...] China is refusing to accredit two additional journalists on the grounds that they speak Mandarin (Kaufman 2003, p ) Kaufman has also written scholarly articles about the BBG itself, and suggests a significant expansion of its role, including " in important media markets, the BBG should own local broadcasting stations. Local censorship and market constraints apply to affiliate stations owned by the host country. Affiliates also do not put a high priority on U.S. broadcasts, and controlling what precedes and follows the U.S. [...]

[...] Glassman made predictions in the wake of the Iraq invasion as well, arguing that anti-war protestors were "clueless" because: "they told us that 500,000 Iraqis would be killed in Dresden-like bombing that thousands of our own troops would be killed, that the Arab "street" would rise up . that Iraqis would tenaciously resist our colonization of their land, that we would become bogged down in urban warfare, and on and on." (Glassman 2003, p. While formally correct in April of 2003, the last five years have shown that many of the predictions made by the anti-war movement were absolutely correct, and that Glassman was wrong. [...]

[...] It is interesting to note that two members of the BBG board have made a number of public statements suggesting that the Fairness Doctrine is a threat to free speech, even as the mission of the BBG is to provide "equal time" for pro-American views in countries whose governments may not wish such views broadcast. The BBG and Congress The BBG is designed to be non-partisan, to an extent, in order to keep its political independence from the State Department. [...]

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