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Child welfare

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  1. Family
    1. Parents
    2. Siblings
    3. Symbolic culture
  2. School
    1. The first peer relation between children
    2. Formation of the personality
    3. Autonomy and control in peer culture

In our lives, we meet a lot of people. Some of them are just people that we see once, and others are real friends who stay with us for a long time. Among these people, each individual is different; all of us have our own distinctive personality. It seems that this personality is created by others, especially during childhood because we are more innocent, and this kind of everyday life knowledge is easier to internalize. Family and school are the two main forums of socialization and thanks to this position they are able to impart to each individual some norms and values. It is thus interesting to wonder in what way peers have an influence on the individual. To answer this question, I am first going to present the impact of family on children, and then see how peers in school can contribute to the individual's identity.

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