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Could we know if we are being manipulated by society?

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  1. Theory of manipulation and false needs
  2. The mechanism of manipulation contained within consumer society

For the purpose of this paper, manipulation can be defined, "As a way of obtaining a behavior in an elaborate, expected and predictable manner from an individual or a group, without them being aware of the influence of external forces?. The theory of manipulation therefore suggests that the manipulated is in fact not conscious of the impact of these external forces on their behavior. The sociological theory of holism, in relation to the study of human behavior, implies that people are conditioned by the structure of an interaction system, in which they are born and grow up. As a result of this, individuals and group behavior is judged as determined by the society. Individuals can therefore be deemed to be puppets. However, according to Bourdieu, sociology aims to reveal the structures of manipulation by its analysis, in order to provide people with the opportunity to free themselves from manipulation.

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