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Criminality in New-York City (NYC)

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  1. Political context favorable to a tough policy and implementation by Giuliani and Bratton
    1. Political context
    2. Implementation of this attitude by Rudy Giuliani to NY
  2. Good and bad effects
    1. Good results: a dramatic decline in criminality
    2. The dark side of zero tolerance policy

In terms of crime, right from the end of the 1970's up to the middle of the 1990's, NY supplanted all the other American cities, including a city like Chicago which was the hub for majority of the crimes in the United States of America. Since 1993 and Rudy Giuliani's coming to power as mayor, the situation has come under control: you can now go for a walk in Times Square even at night or take the underground pass without feeling unsafe. The question is: where does so called the ?miracle of NY' come from?

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