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Critically evaluate the concept of battered women syndrome in the context of defence to murder

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  1. 'Battered women syndrome': what is it?
  2. Battered women syndrome in the context of defence to murder
  3. An example of case where the 'battered woman syndrome' is used in the context of defence to murder
  4. Does it provide women a licence to kill or does it make law more gender neutral?

According to the Cabinet Office paper ?living without fear', published in June 1999, two women per week were killed by a current or former partner. This analysis highlights the fact that the majority of domestic violence are against women. As a result, women experience psychological sequels. In the first part of the document, I will explain the battered woman syndrome in the context of a murder. Then, I will illustrate this by an example and discuss the state of the battered women.

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