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Cultural analysis: the importance of food and family meals in France

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  1. The implicit rituals that occur in France during a meeting meal on Sundays
  2. The successive dishes
  3. Implicit competitions and levels of behaviour expectations

France is widely well-known for having the most appreciated food in the world as well as the best "grand chefs". There is no denying that food (and wine) in France is not considered as a necessity but as an important issue and a pride. Indeed, meals have always been ceremonies that differ according to whether it is a simple meal, a family meeting or a meeting of friends. Even public life is affected by this conception: Paris has an abundance of restaurants and cafés and nobody is allowed to work on Sundays because it is dedicated to family meals. To begin with, I would like to describe some of the implicit rituals that occur during one of these types of meals; a family meal on Sundays. Foreigners are usually very surprised by the number of hours we can spend sitting around a table for a meal.

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