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Cultural differences that make life in the UK 'difficult' for international students

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  1. Literature review
    1. Overseas students
    2. Culture
    3. Culture Shock
    4. The Internet and its Importance on Cultural Differences
  2. The research design
  3. Results

Every year the United Kingdom (UK), attracts students from all over the world who expect to enrol themselves in a Higher Education program. Their impact on the British educational system is significant, as non-UK domiciled students constitute 13% of all the students, 16% of full-time students, and bring in over a billion pounds of fee income annually. The reasons which make international students come to the UK instead of any other place are, according to McNamara and Harris, the language, the recognition of the UK education by government and companies around the world, the education quality and reputation. These students come from different backgrounds and by the time they arrive in the UK some of them can experience a slight or a considerable culture shock depending on their lifestyle back in their home town. According to UKCOSA Guidance Note for Students, the term Culture Shock 'describes the impact of moving from a familiar culture to one which is unfamiliar'. This is a study of Cultural differences that make life in the UK 'difficult' for international students. This essay will explore the experience of different overseas students in the Business School of an English university. This educational centre has around 16226 students of which 1641 are international students representing more than 10% of the university's population.

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