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Culture shock for students abroad: a new trend

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  1. Why students go abroad?
    1. See the world and broaden their experiences
    2. Learn a language in a country where it is spoken
    3. Gain new insights and outlooks through new relationships
    4. Take control of their future
  2. Living abroad
    1. Arrival
    2. What culture shock is?
    3. Symptoms or signs about culture shocks
    4. Strategies or methods to cope culture shocks
  3. Returning home, a definition of reverse culture shock: how to deal with?

For years, a lot of business schools in the world have proposed a year of study abroad in order to enrich the student's culture. Some people are not aware of the difficulties students face in this kind of adventure. It is worth analyzing how students live through this brutal experience. First of all, it could be interesting to differentiate the different reasons for which students go abroad. Later, we will make an attempt to analyze the feeling of students when they are living abroad. We learn that cultural shock can cause trouble for students when they go abroad, but it would be interesting to study reverse culture shock that is to say its aftermaths. It is increasingly realized that foreign exchange programs are booming. For instance, just by roaming the streets of many different cities, we can meet several kinds of groups of young people who have different ways of speaking. As a result, we could question what their motives are, and what urges them to travel many kilometers to study abroad.

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