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Debunking video game myths: The controversies vs.The reality

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  1. Introduction.
    1. Liberty City - a rendition of New York City.
    2. Putting game developers on the defense.
  2. Violence and crime.
  3. Sexual themes.
    1. Sexually enhanced characters like Lara Croft.
    2. Games as sexual therapy.
  4. Education.
  5. Conclusion.

Welcome to Liberty City, a rendition of New York City in the popular series of Grand Theft Auto. Released by Rockstar Games in April 2008, the forth installment continues the tradition of being as controversial as the three GTA's before it. With hyper realistic graphics, real world physics, and the ability to control major plot points in the game, Grand Theft Auto allows gamers to free roam with the sole purpose of creating havoc, destruction, and causing fatalities. In Grand Theft Auto IV, the gamer plays as Niko, an Eastern European immigrant that came to Liberty City to pursue the American Dream but instead gets mixed up with a life of crime. Game content includes blowing up helicopters, stealing vehicles, shooting cops or drug-dealers, and includes the option to partake in activities offered by prostitution and strip clubs

[...] Putting game developers on the defense, many say that video games do not lead to criminal behavior and players can tell the difference from reality and fantasy. Although the press and political attention has categorized video games as violent or sexual in nature, many video games do not fit into this myth. Because of the First Amendment it is up to parents and gamers to decide their choice in video games similar to renting a movie from your local video store. [...]

[...] Works Cited Anderson, Craig A., and Brad J. Bushman. "The Effects of Media Violence on Society." Science 295.5564 (2002): 2377- Aug . Brathwaite, Brenda. Sex in Video Games. Rockland: Charles River Media Felson, Richard B . "Mass Media Effects on Violent Behavior." Annual Reviwer of Sociology 22 (1996): 103- Aug . Kierkegaard, Patrick. "Video games and violence." EurekAlert! - Science News May Sep . Olson, Cheryl K., Scd, Lawrence , Phd Kutner, and Eugene V Md Beresin. "Children and Video Games: How Much do We Know?." [...]

[...] One positive inclusion about sex in video games is for the educational factor. Video games such as Catch the Sperm and Iffy Stiffy are used to promote safe sex practices, birth control, and STD prevention (Brathwaite 124). Organizations such as Planned Parenthood and health departments use games like these to humorously attract teenagers while they also receive information about condoms, AIDS, and high-risk sexual behavior. This faces the subject matter head on in a comfortable way that would otherwise embarrass teens who have questions. [...]

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