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Did the advent of modernity make it harder or easier for an identifying Jew to be patriotic?

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  1. Modernity made it easier for a Jew to feel patriotic with the Emancipation phenomenon, which was a turning point in the recognition of Jews as real members of the nation
  2. But the emergence of Zionism changes everything with the recognition of Jews as members of their own nation first of all

The fact of being Jewish and patriotic at the same time, is a problem of having a double identity and raises some questions about the possibility of existence of a Jewish nation. Being a Jew means having specific customs, traditions, having a certain way of life, and it can lead to feeling 'apart' from the rest of the national population. Moreover, as they are present throughout all Europe, Jews form an 'international community'. If being an identifying Jew is such a strong identity, how can they feel French, English or German at the same time? If being a Jew means being already a part of a nation, the Jewish nation, can they also feel like a 'national' of their country?

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