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Difference between American and european feminism

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  1. Definition and theory of Feminism
  2. The different movements
    1. Liberal movement
    2. Radical movement
    3. Socialist movement
    4. Individualist feminism
  3. Differences between US and French feminism
    1. Mains points of differentiation between US and French feminism
    2. Common of ideas of this 2 types of feminism

The history of feminism is marked by continuity as well as by change. According to Ginette Castro, 'feminism is a cyclic phenomenon, each cycle brings its fruit'. Consequently, we will begin by different definitions to this movement of feminism, then we will discuss the main movements of feminism, which are multiple because the most important Feminists have different points of view and also common ideas. Then we will compare and explain the difference and common ideas of American and French feminism. Are these differences just cultural or more specific to the feminism movement? What are the common values of these two types of Feminism?

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