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Emile Durkheim and the Sociology

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  1. Precursors
  2. The work of Durkheim
  3. Rules of Sociological Method (1894)
  4. Suicide, Study of Sociology (1897)
  5. Moral education (1903)
  6. The Elementary Forms of Religious Life (1912)
  7. Posthumous works

The purpose of Emile Durkheim is primarily to establish a positive sociology. Emile Durkheim had leaf the ambition of becoming a Count and had discovered the general law of evolution of humanity. He left the philosophy of history and all general theory of the essence of society, seeking to discover, the laws that connect to such social phenomena as suicide or the division of labor increased population, by the ordinary methods of observation and induction. Sociology must contribute to social progress: "We believe our research does not deserve a time penalty if they were to have a speculative interest. If we carefully separate the theoretical problems from practical problems, it is not to neglect the latter; it is, instead, to put us in a position to solve them better.

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