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Gender Issues and Political Correctness

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  1. How are gender issues challenging political philosophy? Thinking about Power, Difference and the Meaning of Politics
    1. The Unequal Representation of Women in Politics : Issues of Power and Difference
    2. Ending the Private/Public Dichotomy : the Broadening of the Notion of Politics
  2. How to fight discrimination? Affirmative Action and Political Correctness
    1. A Legitimate Solution to Make Women's Participation a Reality : Affirmative Action, From Formal Equality to Actual Equality of Treatment and Opportunities
    2. A More Disputable Answer: Political Correctness (PC) and the Ambiguous Quest for Equal Respect through a New Use of Language

"Gender? is too often addressed to "women? whereas in fact it refers to the relation between the two genders, masculine and feminine. Gender is defined as "a social construct? used to differentiate men and women from each other besides the biological factors (see lexicon). However, "gender issues? imply the idea of gender asymmetry, meaning the overall domination of men over women in society. If this is of course a generalization, it is no accident if women are absent (or strongly underrepresented) in the political and economic powers in most countries today, including in Western Europe. Adopting a "gender-perspective? therefore means questioning "male power? and trying to understand why and how our societies are shaped by the difference between the genders.

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