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How can we make an end-studying project in India?

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Summary.
  3. Preparation for travelling.
    1. Administrative parts.
    2. Health.
    3. Transport.
    4. Security.
  4. Indian culture.
    1. Natural environment.
    2. Population and society.
    3. Economy.
  5. Benefits.
    1. Strong impression on your curriculum vitae.
    2. Knowledge.
    3. Business relationship.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. Bibliography.

The overwhelming image of India is of a country stricken with poverty, consumed by religious hatred, burdened by an excessive population that shows no signs of diminishing, and divided by distinctions of class, caste, ethnicity, and language. Few people, particularly in the West, thought that India would outlive the assassination of Indira Gandhi, and at the death of Rajiv Gandhi there was talk once again of the disintegration of India. Now it is widely recognized that India, which has been holding elections on the basis of a universal adult franchise regularly since 1951, has assumed something of a democratic stability unusual for the times, more unusual still in a 'Third World' country, and that its electorate has a sophistication and maturity that is purportedly to be found only in the older democracies of the West.

[...] We advice you to not go to: - Kashmir - North east states - The naxalites regions - Frontier between India and Pakistan Regions in red are forbidden, in orange are not safe. ( II. Indian culture A. Natural environment Climate and landscape: It is very difficult to generalize the climate of India due to its large geographical area. The Indian climate comprises of a wide range of weather conditions across varied topology and large geographical area. India's treasures of flora and fauna are fast dwindling, and if measures are not taken to check deforestation, it won't be long before barren stretches replace jungles. [...]

[...] Benefits Making our end studying project in an Indian country has different benefits. A. Strong impression on your curriculum vitae First, as in all the other foreign countries, if you passed the project well, that will show your future employer that you are international. In fact, that shows that you can manage between two cultures, understand how the others think, their way of thinking and it also shows how well you could be understood by them. As the culture is very influent on different aspects of the business, it's very important to know most of the culture. [...]

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