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Levi Strauss theories : nature and culture and myth

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  1. The traditional and evolutionist distinction between nature and culture thanks to the notion of incest
  2. A distinction much more complex: to define each concept separately
  3. The notion of myth for Levi Strauss

Thanks to the Levi's Strauss work , we are able to think more profoundly about the self and the others : he has underline deeply that we have to remember in every anthropological study that others have other way of thinking and of doing. In this essay I will try to show that by reading Levi Strauss I've been conscious that there is different approaches of the world, to classify or to define what is around us. That's why I would like first to make a first study of the distinction made by Levi Strauss between nature and culture. What Levi Strauss shows is that the nature is culturally defined by the human beings. That's gives first a lot of field for anthropological studies and then that is a way to show that those two notions are not just opposite , but they intimately linked to each other. Then, to follow the thinkings on the specific ways of doing and of classify the world according to the different societies, I would like to focus on the notion of myth for Levi Strauss. His study of myths in a structural perspective was a major step , and has been a deep influence for anthropological studies even if it has been also criticized.

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