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Masculinity challenged in suburbia

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  1. The suburban context in the nineteenth century
  2. About cultural and functional changes in the suburbanization

As we said in class when we talked about Suburban Men, gender is something performed and performances are constructed throughout the things you do. For its part, masculinity means: the trait of behaving in ways considered typical for men (word reference online dictionary). Masculinity changed a lot over time due to different circumstances which include political, social and cultural changes. Actually men's behavior and lifestyle were influenced a lot by suburbia. Masculinity was challenged and it had to conform to the new way of life in suburbs. True, men were always seen as the breadwinner for their family. Indeed, fatherhood is a fundamental thing that helps people to understand masculinity in suburbia, because men gave sense to their lives by attaching notions like respectability, obligation, and responsibility to masculine identity .(Bret E. Carroll writer of American masculinities, a historical encyclopedia).

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