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The overemphasis on love

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In our culture, love and romance tend to be a very important focus of everyday life. Almost everywhere we look, we run into ads that promote love and sex, we watch movies in which the prime themes are love and romance, and we are pressured in various ways by friends and family to find someone and love them. This idea of loving somebody else is often taken to an extreme, and at times, it can result in feelings of loneliness and despair. The constant pressure we must face from all areas of life in regard to finding love can often be very discouraging, given the difficulty of finding a person who we truly enjoy being with.

[...] These days, especially at a younger age, we often spend less time thinking about love and more about sex. Instead of love being the ultimate goal of a relationship, sex seems to have overtaken it as a priority. Those who are unable to find love but are capable of finding sex are not looked down upon and are generally accepted in social situations. Those who are not able to find sex can face many thoughts of insecurity, low self-esteem, as well as other problems. [...]

[...] Let us say, for example, that we have a guy who is currently single and lives in our culture. He watches the movies, he is involved in pop culture, and he is well aware of the importance placed on love. Many of his friends have girlfriends or are involved in some sort of relationship with them, while he at the moment has nothing. He may have had such relationships in the past, however for the moment, he is alone. There is a great deal of pressure on him to find someone to be with, and this pressure can come from all sides. [...]

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