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Paradise regained: quakerism and female equality

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  1. Redeeming Eve: quakers and the other biblical justification of equality
  2. Quakers' views on education and marriage
  3. Quaker women's testimonies

Saint Paul instructed women to remain silent; the anatomical difference of their hips led Luther to assert that women should stay at home and bear children; kings and Parliaments trapped them at home to perform their household duties. Nevertheless, Quaker women were out on the streets seizing men's works, expanding their prospects and opportunities, and obtained a new position within the 'Society of Friends'. These revolutionary women regained Eve's pre-lapsarian status of men's equals. To justify their colonization in the public arena, and their position within Society, Quaker women interpreted differently the book which had been used for years to subjugate them, the Bible. The understanding of the work of Christ, together with the question of Eve's pre-lapsarian condition were central issues for early Quakers; in fact these subjects were used to prove true the Quakers' concept of equality between men and women.

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