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Places and forms of power - The plight of Indian women

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  1. Discrimination against Indian women
    1. Being a woman in India means being discriminated and considered as inferior
    2. Indian women aren't safe anywhere in India
    3. The discrimination continues throughout a woman's life
  2. The culture of complicity around violence against women
    1. The police
    2. Family
    3. Girls are seen as a burden
  3. The upliftment of Indian women towards emancipation
    1. Gulabi Gang
    2. A game to change things
    3. Positive changes for women?

I'm going to deal with the notion of places and forms of power. We studied the plight of Indian women. In India, there is a lot of discrimination that derives from the caste system: it's a system of social hierarchy in which the Dalits, also called the ?untouchables' are discriminated and considered as inferiors. But women Dalits are even considered as inferior to men Dalits, and all women in India suffer from violences. In order to illustrate this notion, I will try to answer the question: is the weight of traditions a hindrance to Indian women's evolution?

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