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Queer movement: history, future, theory and activism

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  1. The emergence of the queer movement
    1. The history of a re-appropriation: a self-empowerment strategy
    2. The queer movement: a double-reaction to the essentialist feminism of the 80s and to the exclusive gay communities
  2. Queer theory: redefining identities
  3. Queer activism: the example of ACT UP SF during the AIDS crisis

"Queer focuses on mismatches between sex, gender and desire. For most, queer has prominently been associated with simply those who identify as lesbian and gay. Unknown to many, queer is in association with more than just gay and lesbian, but also cross-dressing, hermaphroditism, gender ambiguity and gender-corrective surgery." (Jagose, 1996).

Queer is a movement, a theory, an activism, a sexual orientation, that focused on gender and sexual construction, and tend to legitimate all the sexual orientation and practices that were considered as "deviants". The central components of the queer perspective are, for Jan Wickman, queer theory and especially poststructuralist scholarship on gender and sexuality, radical activism in the AIDS crisis context, and roots in gay and lesbian politics. We will study when, how and why the queer movements appeared in the early nineties, how it redefined gender identity and sexual orientation, and how it mobilized people during the AIDS crisis.

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