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Rave culture in modern America

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  1. History
  2. A new deviant subculture based on a social ritual
    1. The Music and the Shaman
    2. The Tribe or The people
    3. Another risky tools of the rave ceremony: Drugs
  3. A subculture with its own philosophy: Rave Spirituality and value system
  4. A subculture with its political system: Rave Politics and the creation of a TAZ

This paper attempts to analyze rave culture from a sociological point of view. The document is just an overview and not an in-depth analysis of any particular aspect of the rave culture. The document covers the history of rave culture, rave spirituality, and rave politics, in relation to Hakim Bey's writings on the creation of a Temporary Autonomous Zone. The final section of the document also analyzes the appropriation of rave culture by the State (government). When one examines any cultural movement, it is always useful to examine the roots of that movement. It is the history of the movement that gives us some understanding of the reason where we are now.

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