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Role Analysis: our link to our day to day life

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  1. Itroduction
  2. Modesty as a key in being altruistic
  3. Existing as a son
  4. Having a leadership role at my job
  5. Being a boy/girlfriend
  6. Being a good writer of fiction
  7. My role as a boyfriend
  8. Conclusion

The roles that a person plays in circles in society, in a family, in the workplace, or even while driving on the road are linked to each other and can have positive or adverse affects on each other. One situation or role where a person is encouraged behave in a negative manner can alter or totally nullify another situation or role where a person is encouraged to behave in a positive manner. The personality traits of that person can have an affect on how much of an impact role strain causes between roles. In this paper I will analyze my own personality traits, my most important roles, my overview of my level of performance in those roles, and how I feel those roles have and are affecting each other.

[...] This ideal can be applied to life in general. Shedding vanity in favor of modesty will ultimately leave a person more time to achieve their own ends. I would describe myself as being moral. Believing in a set of values, even when there are no immediate consequences apparent in acting contrary to them is very important to me. (And I believe it is important to most people, to a certain extent.) Respecting one's body, keeping away from excess (For example, excess drinking or eating.) are just a few examples of what morality is. [...]

[...] Some people may require even more work than I do; to write every single day and to read every single day. If I was asked whether or not I feel as though I am working hard and am well on my way to becoming a good writer, I would say yes, that I fulfill this role. If I was asked whether or not I have a mastery of the English language and all of its quirks, I would say no. [...]

[...] One day if you do not feel like writing, you don't have to. This is not true for a worker. As state above, one is required to show up when scheduled, and that schedule sometimes cannot be argued. One of the most important aspects of this conflict is the time required for both tasks. Being a writer is a fulltime job, as is being a worker. I find most often that my writing suffers when the workload at my job is very heavy. [...]

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